'Purple Rain' at Red Rocks

A musical and cinematic feast for the soul at Red Rocks Ampitheater, Morrison, Colorado.  This spectacular evening our event "Film on the Rocks" summer series opened with multiple Prince tribute bands (they didn't 'normally' necessarily play his music but learned a song or two in tribute to the recently deceased artist Prince), followed by the outdoor feature film, "Purple Rain" (which, much to the surprise of those around me, I never had actually seen yet). The sunset held hues of purple in honor of our festivities.  Red Rocks is one of THE BEST venues in the world for music, film, art, what ever.  One could gaze at these monstrous, amazing red rocks for days...really, it just never gets old to look at them, watching as the light plays in the shadows.  If you ever get a chance to visit Red Rocks just go.  Don't worry if think you'll like the event/act there or not. The atmosphere, the rich history and the stunning views are MORE than enough to entertain!




The Magic Of A Moment 

I herald from a long line of creative, practical, innovative, resourceful folk, many of which were gifted with talents of designing, creating masterpieces of thread and cloth.

Every princess has her dream to be swept away by the man of her dreams and walk down the isle in a dress such as this, right? There is a tale to be told behind this dress...fractured fairy tale it may be...It is my wedding dress...a dress which I never wore in my wedding...never will wear for it's time for me has long since passed...A long tale of love, an epic saga of travel here and told in jovial company over a roaring campfire with a delicious libation in hand.

As with many dreams and paths in life, events change as time progresses.  So it was with me, in the end I was married by a Justice of the Peace in secret (in a light blue taffeta dress I designed and had a seamstress sew for me).  This spectacular dress has been tucked away in my old room at my Parent's home for more years than I care to think on! As you can see it's still as beautiful as the day it arrived.

She had to grow up many, many years to wear it but my niece Hillary models it so very beautifully, isn't she simply stunning? And to think, she wasn't even a twinkle in her father's eye when this dress was created. Today, however, we bask in the winter sun shimmering thru the livingroom windows.  The afternoon winter sun illuminates a dress of disappointments, of broken dreams and waylaid plans...(for the Prince & Princess divorced and went their separate ways in my sad fairy-tale)...There is hope, too, the remnants of a chaotic storm sometimes do settle such and radiate all the more for having been broken.   


Epic journey up to a Lunar springs, a breath taking wilderness...oh what a conundrum! 

Ahhh, what an epic view! The Conundrum Hot Springs.  Not for the faint of heart for many reasons.  Almost 20 miles hiking round trip up about 2400 feet elevation gain has left my poor feet in a state of recovery.  Watching the super moon lunar ecplise as it rose above the Castle Mountain peak whilst bathing in the hot springs at around 11,500 feet lent comfort to both body and soul...left me breathless in more ways than one...le sigh! This photo is a mere glimpse of that wonder...Love the Colorado wilderness! :)


Blind Shadows In The Sun

As the summer parades its beauty and bounty one may find a vision such as this.  I am grateful for nature's spleandor.  This bouquet of sunflowers I picked from my garden a few days ago...a photo taken at just the right moment as the morning sun crept thru the window blinds creating the most lovely pattern of shadows and light amidst the flowers. I simply had to share! Enjoy the season! How is everyone this fine summer's day? I'd love to hear your tales! 


Her Majesty

Today I had the privilege of photographing several birds of prey rescued and trained by the members of Hawk Quest.  A bit thanks and kudos to the trainers, they really know their stuff!  Amongst these regal birds perched this lovely lady.  A Barn Owl is she.  Proud, majestic and beautiful.  We all became enamoured from the moment we clamped eyes on her.  © Copyright 2015 Jodi Grim PhotosAs the morning progressed the sun began to peak thru the clouds and add a shimmer to their specatular plumes.  And shortly after the snow began to fall amidst the sunbeams...  Behold, their radiant splendor...

A BIG thanks to Kin and all the trainers!  You may learn more and/or donate to these spectacular birds as well as those in need in the future at: