A Picnic In The Spring

Today, I ventured out for a lovely hike just on the edge of the mountains near Boulder, Colorado.  

Spring finally spread her wings and enveloped us with warm sunshine and tiny blossoms and blooms!  As I made my way for a hike from the NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Rearch, Mesa Branch) Trailhead toward the Mallory Bat Cave! (Which is off limits just now due to a 'white nose' bat fungal infection btw...You may read more at:  

I stopped to take in the vista you see here...Oh what an amazing view!!

Perfect spot for a picnic, don't you think?

Care to join me? 

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Across The Great Divide

How the West Was Won.

I had the good fortune of having the opportunity to snowmobile for the first time in the mountains around Winter Park, Colorado this snowy winter season.   Snowmobiling has been a life long adventure for me but meandering through the trees, hills and valleys of the driftless area of western Wisconsin, however, not the epic vistas atop a mountain such as this one.  So, expanding my horizons to exploring the mountains was spectacular!  A little history on the old, wooden bridge you see in this photo (which was part of the Denver and Salt Lake Railway line through Rollins Pass and crossing the Continental Divide and a major thoroughfare to the west) can be found here:  This had a big part to play in how the west was won!

P.S. Look carefully in the mid-left of the trail on the mountain and you will see several of my fellow snowmobiling crew.  I've never ridden such nice, new snowmobiles and to see this view! #epicmoments #breathedeep #Coloradosunshine

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Golden Whispers...

A Golden Whisper

Isn't it lovely?
As the first bud begins to bloom,
I catch my breath.

The quiet moment fosters beauty.

That first warm, tempered breeze,
The first faint whisper...
'Spring is coming', 'Spring is near!'

And all the while,
As sun shines down upon us,
Shining in our hearts...
A golden whisper,
Silent in it's splendor echoes on. 

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Flying On Ice!

At the tail end of my Christmas holiday, I had the privilege of meeting Craig Wilson ( a local Madison photographer.  He was kind enough to take me out trekking onto a frozen Lake Monona in Madison, Wisconsin!  It was a brisk yet sunny afternoon almost too brisk for our kite!  Never fear, we perservered!  I witnessed and was tutored some on the masterful craft of Kite Aerial Photography! (KAP). I am still in awe that we were walking about on a frozen lake flying a 20+ foot kite in the wintertime!?! (avoiding the ice fisherman's holes, of course!).  It's not something you get to do every day!! All in a all a wonderful afternoon! Our long shadows stretching out across the ice & snow...almost as far as our endless smiles stretched! A big, BIG thank you to Craig for the fun adventures!! 

Here are a few photos of our adventures! Yes these middle four pics (those photos noted by Craig Wilson) were taken from an aerial camera mounted on a kite string and flown above us! No, I didn't make the snow art. And yes, that's me waving at the camera! Whooo hoooo! :)  
Photo by Craig Wilson
Photo by Craig Wilson
Photo by Craig Wilson

Photo by Craig WilsonCraig Wilson www.FromAKite.Com

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There With Care Afternoon Tea At The St Julien Hotel Boulder

I had the unique honor of photographing a charity event for hosted by the St. Julien Hotel in Boulder, Colorado the first Sunday in December.  It was a delightful afternoon of excited (and well dressed I might add) children and their families.  We enjoyed live music, petit fours, and tea, of course in the main entry room of the hotel.  The decorations about were shimmering and wonderful and the slight scent of fresh baked goodies and gingerbread filled our noses!  The children hopped and danced about with excitement and were ohhh soooo adorable!! Ahhh, what a lovely afternoon!