“Capturing Life's Moments...As They Happen”

I'm Jodi Grim,  a Wisconsin native. I spent my younger years growing up, tumbling about, building character, opening my eyes to new windows others could not yet see or understand...exploring the woods, fields & outdoors...learning the beauty of living off the land in the rural farm country of Wisconsin..There I learned to appreciate the entire circle of life...My passion for photography has been a life long adventure, one I revel in sharing! I have traveled the world and captured many, many unique moments of life and nature.  I seem to have a special knack for capturing the emotions, and a fresh perspective of the moment.  My photos, you may find, show a unique angle and artistry tied in with my deep rooted connection with living in both awe and harmony with nature. Don't take my word for it.  Take a look, peruse.  Discover an alternate view to the world...

Photographing the stunning scenery of the Colorado landscape has been one of my many adventures these past few years.  Most recently, I made a 3500 mile road trip from Colorado to Lake Tahoe with multiple stops along the way, including a side detour to the unforgettable Moab. Epic trip! Do watch it unfold in my new blog...but be patient while I work out the kinks of my new web site.  I know you won't be disappointed once I get the hang of this!! :)  I have always held a contagious passion & enthusiasm for photographing life's moments which I would love to share with you!!


Welcome to my home!!  Pull up a chair, grab your favorite beverage and join me!! Hatch House Studios was named after Hatch House, a cozy little mountain horse ranch abode where I first began cataloguing and compiling material for the Studio.

My vision in creating Hatch House Studios strives to not only capture life's moments as they happen but to tell the tales of the photographs,
as well.  

The logo I created incorporates two favorites, the spirit of the wild west and the relaxing, warm, inviting vibe of the islands.  A sprig of barbed wire to add a wild western flair and an ocean blue flower worshiping the islands where the inspiration for some special effects I enjoy experimenting with, namely fire, were gleaned.  

I invite you to sit back, relax and peruse my SmugMug gallery (just click on any blog photo to be redirected, look around, order prints & other cool stuff *Note that some of my photos are still in the realm of negatives from film so larger prints may be possible.  Have a special request, message me & I'll do my best to assist.), lose yourself
in my stories and most of all enjoy!! 

I shoot into the sun, dance with fire & embrace every moment! 

Have one of life's moments you'd like to remember?
Hatch House Studios would love to help you capture that moment!