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A Riot in The Aspen Grove

Trekking about the Rocky Mountains of Colorado just outside of a wonderful, historic yet tiny town called Redstone (It is famous for its historic Redstone Castle and the Coke ovens which were primarily used to create an energy source called coke from coal. They were also apparently used to keep the horses warm back in the day. In modern day uses it has been applied as a heat shielding substance coating the hulls of various spacecraft.)...where my fellow photogs and partners in crime and I toured about one of the most spectacular seasons of fall color I've witnessed yet. We climbed up and up on a rather winding mountain pass and reached an outlook where we were surrounded by color. Altitude aside, it was breathtaking! This just one of many views as the sun had begun its descent behind the mountain...its rays dancing with the aspen shadows...coaxing the colors to jump to life once more...


I will post a few of the other vistas and views we took in shortly to follow...Where is your favorite place to take in the fall colors?  ©2014 Jodi Grim Photos All Rights Reserved

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