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Devil's Backbone

There is a wonderful place here in the Front Range of Colorado called Devil's Backbone.  Home to some rather large, foreboding and chillingly awesome raptors flying about which nest atop the Backbone's rocks.  A sight which might seem eerie to some.  I am enthralled at watching them gracefully swoop from above (as long as they keep their distance, that is!).  Here, beneath the raptor's gaze, you can meander through miles and miles of high desert paths, amazing vistas and rock formations!  It is truly one of my favorite places to trek off to on a day off all year round! Hiking, trail running, snow shoeing, mountain biking, bird watching, picnicing, horseback riding...The list of things to do here goes on and on...There is a marker a mile or so from the trail head from which you can see multiple mountain peaks from one view point (This is particularily stunning in the winter-time!).  

I recently learned to make rope and have been experimenting with yucca leaves, various plant fibers and tree barks in my new found hobby.  So, whilst trekking and meandering about the rocks, I snapped a few photos, gathered a few samples, laid out my picnic blanket and soaked up the Colorado sun!  Half way through my last hike there (and a few miles from any shelter) storm clouds began to move in, the sky began to rumble and I decided to pick up my pace and jog back.  I couldn't resist snapping a few more photos along the way, however. There were actually people who were just beginning their hike when I made my return (Which made me wonder of Scottish weather, be glad for the rain and smile at these wandering souls!).  It wasn't a torrential rain that soaks you to the bone and dampens your spirit...but rather a nice, cooling sort which lifts your spirits!  All in all I would highly recommend this raptor's haven!  The views are spectacular! Remnants of dinosaurs and an ancient sea's shoreline now inverted toward the heavens.  And just as I was at the very end of the trail, I arrived as rainbow greeted me! How lovely nature can be when you fear, respect and worship it! 

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