The Magic Of A Moment 
Monday, January 18, 2016 at 06:24PM
Jodi Grim

I herald from a long line of creative, practical, innovative, resourceful folk, many of which were gifted with talents of designing, creating masterpieces of thread and cloth.

Every princess has her dream to be swept away by the man of her dreams and walk down the isle in a dress such as this, right? There is a tale to be told behind this dress...fractured fairy tale it may be...It is my wedding dress...a dress which I never wore in my wedding...never will wear for it's time for me has long since passed...A long tale of love, an epic saga of travel here and told in jovial company over a roaring campfire with a delicious libation in hand.

As with many dreams and paths in life, events change as time progresses.  So it was with me, in the end I was married by a Justice of the Peace in secret (in a light blue taffeta dress I designed and had a seamstress sew for me).  This spectacular dress has been tucked away in my old room at my Parent's home for more years than I care to think on! As you can see it's still as beautiful as the day it arrived.

She had to grow up many, many years to wear it but my niece Hillary models it so very beautifully, isn't she simply stunning? And to think, she wasn't even a twinkle in her father's eye when this dress was created. Today, however, we bask in the winter sun shimmering thru the livingroom windows.  The afternoon winter sun illuminates a dress of disappointments, of broken dreams and waylaid plans...(for the Prince & Princess divorced and went their separate ways in my sad fairy-tale)...There is hope, too, the remnants of a chaotic storm sometimes do settle such and radiate all the more for having been broken.   

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