A Riot in The Aspen Grove

Trekking about the Rocky Mountains of Colorado just outside of a wonderful, historic yet tiny town called Redstone (It is famous for its historic Redstone Castle and the Coke ovens which were primarily used to create an energy source called coke from coal. They were also apparently used to keep the horses warm back in the day. In modern day uses it has been applied as a heat shielding substance coating the hulls of various spacecraft.)...where my fellow photogs and partners in crime and I toured about one of the most spectacular seasons of fall color I've witnessed yet. We climbed up and up on a rather winding mountain pass and reached an outlook where we were surrounded by color. Altitude aside, it was breathtaking! This just one of many views as the sun had begun its descent behind the mountain...its rays dancing with the aspen shadows...coaxing the colors to jump to life once more...


I will post a few of the other vistas and views we took in shortly to follow...Where is your favorite place to take in the fall colors?  ©2014 Jodi Grim Photos All Rights Reserved


Amish Harvest

Fall creeps up upon us...A time of gathering the harvest as I share a view I encountered whilst visiting my family in farm country Wisconsin. My Father and I toured about in his 1932 Chevy Coupe attracting many a smile and wave from the local Amish who know my Father's cars well.  Sitting in the passenger seat I was at liberty to snap away with my camera. I was rewarded with this spectacular scene as it came into view just after the Amish men worked the fields we passed by on our journey. This is just down the road from where my family first settled in America to work the land from the old country.   

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Bumble Blue Bells

Gross Reservoir, High above the city of Boulder, Colorado.  The mountain flowers are in their full fervor this time of late spring, early summer.  There is such a wonderful spectrum of color and bouquet blooming just beneath your feet! I was fortunate enough to snap a few photos with my mobile of the symbiotic relationship between bees and these lovely little gems!  

Always remember to take time to smell the flowers!  Life is short, inhale deeply! :)

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A Bird's Eye View 

Winding around up and up and up and all around, the journey into the mountains above Boulder, Colorado is truly spectacular.  And, once you've walked around at a bit over 7200 feet elevation along ridgelines and massive boulders you may find yourself breathless indeed!

Trekking out and about yesterday as a storm approached. The roads are extreme mountain driving and I've never been so good with walking out on the edge of cliffs...But, oh what spectacular views!!

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Dancing The Night Away

Saturday the Boulder Airport was transformed into a magical era of the 1940s filled with fighter planes, war time ground vehicles, period costumes, reinactors and pin-up girls.  The evening air was filled with wonderful live big band music, a myriad of happy revelers were swinging the night away on the dance floor!  I was utterly swept away into a bygone day of ole! I only wish I could step back in time and revisit at will!  If you wish to learn more check out  What a spectacular event!  I can't wait until the Christmas ball! Hope to see you all there! Whoo hooo! :)  

Here are a few photos to tantilize your senses...

©2014 Jodi Grim Photos All Rights Reserved

©2014 Jodi Grim Photos All Rights Reserved  ©2014 Jodi Grim Photos All Rights Reserved