There With Care Afternoon Tea At The St Julien Hotel Boulder

I had the unique honor of photographing a charity event for hosted by the St. Julien Hotel in Boulder, Colorado the first Sunday in December.  It was a delightful afternoon of excited (and well dressed I might add) children and their families.  We enjoyed live music, petit fours, and tea, of course in the main entry room of the hotel.  The decorations about were shimmering and wonderful and the slight scent of fresh baked goodies and gingerbread filled our noses!  The children hopped and danced about with excitement and were ohhh soooo adorable!! Ahhh, what a lovely afternoon! 



Summer Flowers

As winter's shadow begins to hold the sun at bay, it cannot hold sway on the memory of the summer's flowers picked along the green carpeted lane, the whisp of a warm breeze and the evening fading into cricket's song...Although winter holds a beauty of her own, the jocund days of summer warm our hearts as days grow dreary...




Wendy & Ryan's Wedding!  

What a beautiful couple and an amazing day for a wonderful wedding at the Fox Hills Country Club, Longmont, Colorado!  I feel very privileged to have been able to photograph their special moments!  Here are a few sample photos of a new beginning for the lovely couple! 


Western Wisconsin Agricultural Museum

My Brother is an emeritus president of a local Antique Gas & Steam Engine Club here in Westby, Wisconsin.  As an active member, he has his hands in many facets of their activities now.  He is even set to be featured on the front page of the local paper from his activites during their event this past weekend!  I spent several afternoons and one evening on their new grounds ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the many engines popping and banging and smoking all about reminding me of childhood days emerging covered with soot and oil and wearing a smile a mile wide!  Their new buildings house several industrial steam engines from days of old and they even boast a working saw mill! There are several buildings filled with various antitque collections one may wile away many hours exploring.  

Several members of the group donated land which sits atop a ridge surrounded by fields and distant farmsteads. It is a truly lovely piece of land!  We watched the sun set from our cushy lawn chairs as the antique tractors put putted their way down the track!  A more spectacular sunset you simply could not ask for!  I will play around with my bracketed photos and see if I can do the scene any sort of justice.  Stay tuned for that!  For now, I give you this colorful photo I processed with Photomatix tone mapping and tweaked in Lightroom.  Enjoy!  

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Grazing In The Pasture

Farm land of the driftless region of Wisconsin (where the glaciers did not go ages ago...leaving a land filled with rolling hills).  Some Holstein cattle graze beneath a shade tree amidst the mid-day sun with a bubbling creek nearby...