The Last Supper Super Hero Style

Today I spent a rather toasty afternoon on Larimer Square in downtown Denver.  Every year they host an annual Chalk Festival which lasts several days and where artists show their talents on the sidewalk/street with chalk.  There was an amazing array of different subjects and styles.  The art was amazing! Try graffiti meets postcard art and live drawing all wrapped up in one!  I snapped photos of many a wonderful piece...This one, sighted at the very end of my wanderings was by far my favorite! If you look carefully, you will see the reflection of a lady in a red sweater above the police box squatting down taking a photo in the reflection...that would be me...Some bystander exclaimed that I had become part of the art...well tis true, I walked right in to the 'supper' but only for a moment...I felt my super powers begin to grow stronger! hehe! So, awesome chalk art AND a photographer selfie all wrapped up on one...Look at this one carefully and enjoy! :)



Tedx Frontrange, Loveland, Colorado...The Seeds Of Innovation And Inspiration!

An afternoon of inspiration shared just down the road at Tedx Frontrange.  It is so wonderful to become immersed in people's stories...Their turbulations, their truimphs and more importantly the wisdom and insights they have gleened and are so wiling and kind to share with their audience and (through our modern technology) the world...(you will find these Tedx talks on the Tedx site and likely youtube, as well).  If you did not have the good fortune to see this in person, it will be well worth your time to take a gander at the online talks!

There were many illustrious and awe inspiring speakers...including notably Daniel Ibanez (of Google plus fame as well as a Fort Collins art teacher) and Laurie Maves a wonderful local Denver artist (who's acrylic chalk sketch which she created during one of the talks sold for $1000 proceeds of which donated to at an impromptu auction at the apres social affair! And I saw it happen...A great deal of fun by the way!:)  I will have many, many more photos from this amazing event shortly so do come back and visit again soon! :)


Lovely Day For A Bike Ride!


Geese On The Fish Pond

Mountain Sky Ranch, Berthoud, Colorado...A day at the Alpaca Ranch! 


The Plea...

From our Warriors & Goddesses Photoshoot which was great fun!


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